Tuesday, 25 January 2011

book nerd.

I have always been a bit of an addict when it comes to books, spot the girl sat on her own in a coffee shop (drinking tea i might add) and that would be me, to some it’s a sad and stereotypical fate, but for a book loving teenager being sat on my own for a few hours hidden away was a perfect way to just chill out.

Getting ‘lost’ in a good book has been in fact lost in my list of things to do recently, but over Christmas I got back into it and now at the moment I have 2 books on my reading list.

The first is by one of my favourite authors, Philappa Gregory, I have always been a big fan of hers and of history (especially the tudor period) and have many of her books based on the tudor court.
So i chose a new book of hers which focused on a more modern plot based in rural England, a seemingly simple story about a mother and her daughter in laws' relationship develops into a complex thriller which i have found hard to put down. I didn't realize until i was searching for an image of the novel but it was actually made into a dramatisaion by ITV last year!

The second is the novel that recently was made into a film with Julia Roberts, written by Elizabeth Gilbert; the title Eat Pray Love’ conveys a sense of a spiritual journey and that’s exactly what the story has been described as.
I’m looking forward to reading it after I have finished ‘The Little House’, Gilbert has had great reviews from high fashion magazine Elle who commented that was a ‘a word of mouth bestseller’ and the guardian described it as ‘utterly of the moment’.

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  1. You know nothing beats a good book!!! :) XxX