Thursday, 27 May 2010

my boyfriend hates hats

So i went and followed the biggest hat trend this summer and purchased a trilby style straw hat- which im going to admit i love and do not care if i look like another standard indie girl!

I love these hats i think they epitomize summer style and are seen on everyone from people on the streets to models off duty:

I went for a straw style one from Accessorize that has little flowers on it which i thought would make it a bit different to the 'norm' style of trilby, however alas my boyfriend DISLIKES my choice of purchase commenting that apparantly Fearne Cotton started the trilby trend (and he thinks shes annoying), but i had to correct him and say that in my opinion models such as Daisy Lowe and Kate Moss have a lot more repitrable street style and in fact i saw them wear it before Miss Cotton! (Sorry Fearne)..
OH and i had my hair cut finally say hello to a fringe and unknotty hair for once:)

Monday, 17 May 2010

style icons...

So obviously i havent had this blog for very long but i figured people should know a bit more about me, for example who i look upto in fashion, who do i see as a fashion icon?

Well here are my top four :)

KATE MOSS- Always understated grunge glamour, she will always be the ultimate British Model....

DAISY LOWE- Daughter of Pearl Lowe, she has followed in her mothers footsteps and become one of the coolest young brits around, love her hair style and the way she sexes up grungey outfits...

LARA STONE- Love her unique beauty, her quirky face has quickly made her one of the most popular models in 2009....

and last but not least my ultimate style icon, yes its not very original but without a doubt ALEXA CHUNG is the only true brit style icon who has stuck to her british roots, even whilst living in America she still manages to echo British stule with her standar geek chic look perfected ALEXA CHUNG is my ultimte style icon...

My female crush, Jessica Szohr (Vanessa from Gossip Girl)


So i saw that my good friend becki clark posted a post about how much she likes little jen out of Gossip Girl, for those of you who do not watch it YOU MUST!

If not for the storyline or beautiful characters but for the stunning designer and vintage clothing that is used on the programme.

My favourite character is Vanessa, i have always been a bit of a hippie and love her Sienna Miller Style-esque Boho look of long shaggy hair and draped clothing.
Check her out, major girl crush for me :P

Sunday, 9 May 2010


So saturday night turned out to be a really funny night, we were gonna lounge around the lazy students that we are but then we decided to take a spontaneous trip to UNIT, hadn't been there in months but Beck managed to persuade us... the consequences were such:
went to bed at 7am
got up at 10
came home at 5
back in bed at 8 :)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

birthday fun...

birthday treats

So it was my birthday on friday and j e s u s it was bloody amazing! The girlies organised a party lunch in the kitchen with sausages, cakes, sweets and sandwiches AND PLASTIC CUPS :)

Then in the evening everyone came round and we had drinks in the kitchen, got rediculously drunk and ended up dancing around like maniacs at Wahoo!

Was a wicked night though... cheers guys.....

Saturday, 1 May 2010

thursday evening

I spent thursday evening being massively productive doing work, i managed to whack out 1200 words of a fashion history essay which i was chuffed about because the idea of sitting there typing it was driving me to suicide. Also did a couple of fashion style boards to go towards my magazing design assignment which was WAY more fun but heres a few pictures so you can see :)

xoxo josieeee