Thursday, 27 May 2010

my boyfriend hates hats

So i went and followed the biggest hat trend this summer and purchased a trilby style straw hat- which im going to admit i love and do not care if i look like another standard indie girl!

I love these hats i think they epitomize summer style and are seen on everyone from people on the streets to models off duty:

I went for a straw style one from Accessorize that has little flowers on it which i thought would make it a bit different to the 'norm' style of trilby, however alas my boyfriend DISLIKES my choice of purchase commenting that apparantly Fearne Cotton started the trilby trend (and he thinks shes annoying), but i had to correct him and say that in my opinion models such as Daisy Lowe and Kate Moss have a lot more repitrable street style and in fact i saw them wear it before Miss Cotton! (Sorry Fearne)..
OH and i had my hair cut finally say hello to a fringe and unknotty hair for once:)

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